• JunkTrapper®



  • Three operations in one run
  • Full gauge of well path
  • Collects large sizes of junk
  • Top dress mill on liner top Can be used in tandem run ex. 7” liner and of 9 5/8” casing cleanup
  • Patented and Trade Marked
    • N - 300234 UK
    • 2295838 US
    • 5682950



JunkTrapperTM has been used in approximately 1800 runs in the North Sea and approximately 1600 runs with Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia.

We have no surge or swab effects reported, and no jam or stuck situations reported.


Data and technology

  1. Fluid is pumped through the ID of the JunkTrapperTM.
  2. Fluid exits the ID of the JunkTrapperTM and carries debris and junk in the well to surface.
  3. The dirty fluid enters the external eccentric mechanism of the JunkTrapperTM, this is because of the clearance between the OD of the tool and the Casing ID and the large effective flow area of the JunkTrapperTM.
  4. The dirty fluid exits the JunkTrapperTM funnel and at this point has to change direction. When the fluid changes direction the velocity at some point is zero, the fluid at this point has no carrying capacity and the solids ‘fall out’.
  5. Solids accumulate at the bottom of JunkTrapperTM chamber.
  6. The fluid exits the external mechanism of the JunkTrapperTM through a screen. Any small solids still carried by the fluid cannot pass and are therefore retained in the JunkTrapperTM chamber.
  7. Clean, solid free fluid is then pumped to surface.